My world



29/9/16 I imagine a universe centred around my life views. Would you be welcome in my world?

Throw a velvet coat about my shoulders,

a cloak of power and status,

to let you know I am King.


In my world, my every day,

the world I design and adhere to...

none of this happens.


My world is a peaceful world.

Peace at my leisure, death at my whim.

Do not cross me.


In my world, so many things do not exist.

You probably are not there,

but maybe you are... it depends.


My world does not contain pettiness,

my world adheres to noble constructs

my world is unforgiving of those who wrong my own.


Would you be my own? Do you deserve to be?

Scoff, you may,

but if I choose you it is not to be taken lightly.


My world is harmonious and pure,

my world is full of love and worth and value.

My world laughs often and well.


My world is built on equality and fairness.

My world is powered by beauty.

My world is good.


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