My Oaks



Oaks were considered sacred to certain gods in some cultures. Oaks, being tall, were often struck by lightning, hence were associated with thunder gods. But if such gods existed, what would they say of their patron tree, and would we care?

My Oaks

Travis Jackson

My Oaks move,

My Oaks think,

My Oaks are sacred,

My Oaks blink.

My Oaks are super-strong,

My Oaks are wise,

My Oaks defeat poachers and loggers,

My Oaks see no demise.

My Oaks twist and dance,

My Oaks are solid, never wasted.

My oaks are wild.

My Oaks, sacred.

My Oaks are used for ritual,

My Oaks see divine use,

My Oaks are not touched by thunderbolts,

My Oaks serve me, serve Zeus.



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