Nakedness Is Cool



Hiding things and a culture of secrecy has done more harm than good in our world. Secrecy breeds gossip, speculation and fabrication. But Transparency and accountability way to go. By being open and transparent, you bring confidence and trust. Therefore, we should all promote a culture of nakedness.

Nakedness Is Cool


Yes it is

A see through kind of establishment

With nothing to hide



Let all see inside

Expose what needs to be seen

Put bare

Don’t dare to cover

Coz when you lay everything bare

When you expose

Public has less gossip

Society has minimum doubt

Yes let all information be naked

Make all Data Naked

Leave Contract agreements Naked

Strip all Land and Mining deals Naked

Nakedness in the home

Nakedness in the church

Nakedness in government

Nakedness at FIFA

Nakedness at Elections

By doing so

You leave society

With nothing to debate on

No cause for fighting

Coz Nakedness is Cool

Nakedness keeps couples ontop of the world

Nakedness keeps children joyful

Nakedness makes adults fidgeting, But harmless

Yes Nakedness is Cool


Make the World Transparent and Accountable

Coz Nakedness is cool


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