Quiet Reflection



Was thinking of Mostly TuPac's stylings like in Dear Momma... and kinda of Coolio's Stylings in Gangsta's Paradise. Light rap more like talking it out to a great beat/ rhythm kinda thoughts to paper as well.

Quiet Reflection


Anyone can formulate and place words together

it takes skill to make them want to hear you

and the presence of talent to make them not only hear you

But to actually listen

A lot of the time the more you try to rise up

the more they try to knock you down

Right back down

They expect you to conform

To cower down

As if you were sitting at the bottom of the food chain

waiting to be devoured

To them you do not matter

It is up to you

To show that you do

Sometimes admist the mess

In the center of all the commotion

Silence will speak volumes

A stance

Rising up above the chains that bind you

Holding you down

Much can be accomplished

Take time for quiet reflection

Quiet calculation and planning

Together as one

Rise up; Stand up a United Force

And through the fire scattered ashes

will fall all around

Challenges, chains, and oppressions of today 

Will be wiped away for tomorrow

A strong United Force


Shining brightly

Through the darkness

A Beacon of light

Leading the way

For others to follow.


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