Who am I



This right here was my "coming out of the self-loathing closet" moment. I was just coming around to embracing and appreciating the beautiful woman that I am.

I am a queen with an invisible crown

I am a goddess with unreleased powers

I am everything a king can ever want in a queen

My beauty is natural and needs not to be enhanced

I am not a black barbie doll

I haven't lost my roots, no, I have just found them

My hair is not fake

Neither are my nails nor my skin

I wear no makeup

I tweeze not my bushy eyebrows

My skin is light and it resembles the white sands of the sea

My eyes are big and bold because of the contrast of black and white

My nose is the right size and shape

My lips are succulent and kissable like juicy grapes

My ears look like they were carved to perfection

My neck is small yet strong enough to hold this intelligent head in place

My shoulders resemble waterfalls leading to my warm loving arms and my comforting feminine hands

I have perky breasts that resemble fresh fruit on our beautiful trees

I have a flat tummy that resembles our peaceful valleys 

My midsection accentuates my curvaceousness

I have hips that sway from side to side like trees when the wind is present

And of course, awesome Miss Monate in between those gorgeous thighs

I have an African ass that resembles our beautiful mountains

I've got slightly bowed legs and cute toes

I am not a size 28, no, far from it

I am what 'they' call 'fat'

I hated myself for such a long time

Always wishing I could be sexy according to 'their' standards

But now I have come to my senses

I am rebelling against these stupid unappreciative standards

I look at the mirror in a different way

This is my body, a vessel unto honor

An expression of God's artistic creation

Come to think of it

It's beautiful and needs to be appreciated

It is sensual in every way

I love me today

I should be pampered from head to toe

After all, I am a queen with an invisible crown

I am now a goddess with released powers because I have just released my power of self-appreciation and self-praise

Soon my crown will be visible

Just you wait and see 


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