Jason Voorhees



I decided to write a poem about my favourite movie killer. I love the Friday The 13th movies.





This is the story of Jason, a killer on the loose
You better watch your back, or he'll cook your goose
People whisper his name across the land 
He died as a boy, but now he's back as a man

He was supposed to be watched, but he was ignored
And after he died, his name just soared
The teens were having sex, for christs sake
As Jason sank to the bottom of Camp Crysral Lake

The mother took revenge on every single teen
Who entered these woods that she ever seen
Until one fateful night, so it is said
One brave teen had cut off her head

They thought it was over, oh boy were they wrong
You see Jason was watching and waiting so long
Waiting to emerge from Camp Crystal Lake 
And take his revenge, for his mothers sake

Who is Jason, you people ask
Most people know him by his hockey mask
Standing tall and wielding a machete
Slashing anyone in his path, what a pity

Using any weapon, with ease and with flair
Knife, spear, or axe, he just doesn't care
So if you wander his woods and you hear a sound
Heed my advice and take a look around

Because somewhere around amongst the trees
Standing deathly still, could be Jason Voorhees 
Whatever you do, don't get stuck in the mud
Jason is ready to spill your blood

With the mind of a boy, and the body of a man
If you see him coming, get away if you can
He will kill you without a second thought
Slice you to pieces and leave you to rot

There was a young boy named Tommy, you see
Who killed Jason Voorhees, but never let it be
Years had passed, and Tommy came around
And dug ol Jason up, from deep in the ground

He stabbed him multiple times, with a big iron rod
Tommy never realized, but his plan was flawed
Jason just lay there with the big iron spike
Tommy never counted on a huge lightning strike

Lightning struck the rod, and now Jason is back
More vengeful than ever, and ready to attack
Jason just stood there, all tall, dark , and dead
Tommy's friend tried to kill him with a shovel to the head

Needless to say, Jason was pissed
He shoved his hand through his heart, his friend will be missed
I'll stop here right now, but I'll be back again
This story isn't done, it's far from the end.


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