Wrapped in a Canvas of Blank Paper



ok, so this is about finding creativity. I imagine finding worlds where everything can be created my the imagination of the creator. Much like writing. It also has a second meaning, I wrote this when a close friend was suffering, but yet always found a way to make hers a full life.

Swirling. Look at the white clouds
This is me flying! I’m so free.
Raising up past all my doubts and worries.
Watch me, watch me fly high.

Slumping to the floor, my body gives in
The last breath, the last exchange with this world
Cause I’m wrapped in a canvas of blank paper.
Closing in around me, the bright whiteness
Hiding the darkness and my fear.

Can you feel the calmness?
I’m surrounded, so safe.
Nothing can reach or harm me.
Just look at me, look at me fly.

Dancing, I can do so much now
This is the real thing, life, what I’ve waited for.
The chains have fallen clean, I’ve been set free
It’s a new sheet of paper, a new story to tell
Don’t worry you’ll hear it one day.
When we meet again.

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