When Your Kid Calls You "Daddy"



Sometimes, just the sound of being called "Daddy" can sound like a prayer. lmr

This is your
One and only
Name... This is
Your honor,
Your identity,
Your one claim to
Fame...  This is
The best you will
Ever be.  This is
Who You
Truly are
To him.

When your kid
Calls you,
He is saying
You are
His hero,
His leader,
His example and
His best

He is saying
He trusts in
You... depends upon
You.  He is saying
Thank you for
Being here, and
For loving
When your kid calls you
He delights in
The security of it.
Your legs are
The first tree
He climbs upon.
Your shoulders are
The first mountains
He conquers.

You become his
First teacher, his
First cop.  You are
Everything..... And he
Wants to follow you

When your kid calls you
You become his
Lifelong mantra, and
His childhood's


copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross

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