Hell Hole Pass



I like to write about mysterious things and places.

In the deep forbidding mountains

of a western mountain range,

lies a little known, forgotten trail

whose history is strange.


Where word is spread of haunts to dread

and only fools amass,

to tread the dark, deep mystery

they call the Hell Hole Pass.


Many souls have dared to travel

on this truly treacherous trail.

And many souls were tossed away

whose foot and hand did fail.


And some lay claim the devil came

to curse this narrow ground.

And left behind, unholy kind

to haunt by sight and sound.


And many folks have spread the tale

from lost ones found at last,

who'd spent a fearsome night alone

upon the Hell Hole Pass.


But if your mind is so inclined

to brave a troubled place.

Think twice at least and twice again

the choice, this trail, to face.


For many souls have lost their will,

and lost their way, alas!

While daring traverse of the trail

they call the Hell Hole Pass.

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