Fulfilling the Fantasy



Something fun to read.

One modern time, where thoughts eclipse

From marriage to divorce, our fantasies exist.

If I stop dreaming for a second

People will blindly hold their weapons,

Of madness and sorrow and walking in blindness

I've seen the hopeless and their stress, with bald

Heads and receding hairs of thin proportion,

Will our minds comply with distortion?

From dreams and fantasies of desire,

It's unlikely to inspire anyone with dread,

To fill a large empty head.


Oh Sailormoon, Oh Sailormoon, Oh sailing moon,

Cast me down from the tower, into the dune

On your sweaty brow, brown

With the magic of your white gown.

Place me in my sleep, kiss me until I keep

The last distilled promise of fantasies who cling

To the stilted remains of my receding hair.

Please let me think in my chair.

From dresses, to makeup and all modes of power,

May I achieve fullness upon this hour.

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