Grow Where You Are Planted



This is just an inspirational poem I wrote for my elementary school students who came from a very low income area. At the time Obama was running for president and many of my students never imagined having a black president. However, I use this poem often. I just fill in the name of any great person!

Grow Where You’re Planted

You may be down and out
And living in the mud
People seem to write you off
But they never should
Show them who you are
And their words be recanted
Just like Barak Obama
Grow where you are planted
Your situation may seem too hard
Your mountain too high to climb
People may even leave you
Broken, without a dime
Don’t let this stop you, my friend
Your wishes can be granted
If you work and dig in
Like Barak Obama
Grow where you are planted
Have you not heard, have you not known
Their weapons will not work
Through “you people”, “you boy” and even “that one”
You just sit and wait with a smirk
Because you know that in the end
The best man will win
And on this you can depend
So, fatherless child – Grow!
Poor Child – Grow!
Child on welfare – Grow!
Motherless child – Grow!
Come on up a little higher
You can do it!
Yes you can!
Sick child – Grow!
Child of the Ghetto – Grow!
Homeless Child – Grow!
Don’t let anything stop you
Grow in the dirt
Grow in the mud
Grow in the rain
Grow in the snow
Grow on the mountain top
Grow even in the valley low
Even when you get chopped down
Don’t let that stop you
Don’t give up or even wear a frown
Even though you may be scanted
Give your very best, trust in God
And like Barak Obama
Grow where you are planted!



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