Discernment is the key to understanding!!

So I read a post, on a web site I visit, written by a black man who had no respect for black lives. I would share the post but that would feel too much like I support him in his views even though he knows I do not based on the comment that I wrote (got cursed out for my efforts – the only way an irrational, egotistical mind can relate to truth).

I actually had nightmares about the post, tossing and turning because it was as if my question had been answered in my search to determine just why we, as a people, can not unite. But I was torn, did not want to relate to the words steeped high on my plate. My conclusion, don’t believe the hype being put out as reality because the truth is…


Behavior is the mirror that reflects who you are
and even your intentions
good or bad it’s what’s in your head that filters
through and becomes actions;
words are like frosting on a cake covering up
fissures and indentions
those things you really don’t like to mention
morphing into words laced with insinuations;
perspicacity is the key because once you distinguish
you are able to see the difference between behaviors
of ill intentions and words used to cover imperfections;
after all is said and done you will find yourself
arriving at aletheia which differentiates
the prosopopoeia



© 2016 Connie Jordan
All Rights Reserved

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