Rhyme of Gravity



From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free. -Jacques Yves Cousteau



Constantly working against the walls of my chest 


Disrupting my heart beating creating unrest 


Pushing down or pushing up I’m completely compressed 


by the silent understood pressure.. gravity..Don’t mess!


Earth captivities, civil liberties, constitutional facilities all under its command 


Not to be conquered unless in out space facilitated by NASA space command 



Rockets, missiles and spaceships falling back to earth 


Equally subjugated to gravitational birth 


Again fighting the unknown fight, the unknown adversary 


Do you dare to attack your heart will grow weary 


You can’t fight what you don’t see,  hear, smell or taste 


No sense of perception can reiterate or infiltrate the pull on our body’s state 


Change your philosophical perception please place plausible evidence 


Newly reported data to find the source of it’s power in tact


It can’t be like a city to ransack 


Can’t fight it like a cat in a black hat 


You’re to slow and too fat to punch your way through the gravitation glue


Nothing to sue or ensue or subdue 


It’s an equal force on all sides just like an igloo 


We live in a world of pressure that is constant, but constantly building up 


Nowhere to hide, no where to run untouched unseen nature all under the sun 



no statute of limitation against 


No probable cause or offense 


To imprison a constant variable of force 


Pressure in the past, present or future of tense 



Undeniable reliable holding our earth 


Stabilizing our planet from dropping it’s girth 


If we let go of our gravitational friend 


We can forget about society so let’s make amends 


To our perception of life we wouldn’t exist without it, lets not pretend! 



Gravity, though constantly pushing against 


we shouldn’t be in defense 


But we should just understand and let it be our best friend


Gravity is a source to comprehend


A power of nature structurizing our humanity our civilization


let’s create a bond, covalent or ionic to share our electrons 


let’s interchange, not harm or effect 


Let’s engage impact and protect 


The reality of nature, our pressure, our force


Our undeniable warrior still on it’s course. 

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