Co-workers: the most interesting part of work



A homage to some interesting former colleagues

I am grateful to colleagues who made work a thrill,

Combinations of strong opinion and will,

They were unique both in character and in skill,

We speak of them fondly & tell their stories still,


I once sat next to Carl, all day he would eat,

Raw potatoes he kept in a bag near his feet,

Always confident he was being discreet,

While he would fidget and shift around in his seat,


Carol, who spent her days online to shop,

Stole cab vouchers, blamed it on someone in ops,

Skipped work even after she was told it must stop,

When escorted out, told us she’d come out on top,


Jim, never threatened by shaming or scorn,

Used his laptop to query and download porn,

The first written warning said his welcome was worn,

The second ended his stay, his cube now forlorn,


Abby, who loved Rick and the drama that brought,

Cried all day at her desk each time that they fought,

Denied being upset, despite the tears and the snot,

Repeatedly asked, “Do you think Rick heard, or not?”

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