The Housemate



Sharing a house or an apartment, whether it be with one person or more, can have its highlights and challenges. The Housemate is based on some, thankfully not too many, unpleasant house-sharing experiences. May you be blessed with a happy house or apartment-sharing experience.

The day she moved in I knew I was in for trouble.
I should have known better.
Her sharp black eyes flashed a warning at our first skirmish and soon,
I became the captive recipient of her short, but freakishly unstable temper.
My house of refuge soon resembled a battle-zone, with no place to hide.
One fateful morning we clashed with daggers drawn in the long dark hallway.
With a mental capacity to remember the slightest infringement — she was itching for a fight.
Again my sanctuary had become a place of intimidation and fear.
Peace talks between us had broken down.
Extreme measures: my only choice.
Blithely unaware, she arrived home one bright Sunday afternoon to find her possessions
the barred castle gates.
Face to face we stood.
My only weapon – a statutory declaration -
brandished high and held firmly in my grasp.


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