this love



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i decided to write again, without room to edit.

they take me away from what i need to be
if it is truth of will,
then truth i believe
the linger
the lover's dwelling
the lover's deeper meaning
of words my loveress says
as she speaks
from the future
for I know I will find her
for I know the feeling of truth, and love
when 2 are no longer two,
but not three either,
not in between one and one
unless we are in between lives
the before and the after possibly the same
This: the journey of Christendom
but seeing only the light,
I could see only a future for the world
that I needed to change,
and seeing her, I found a way to become first, or to provide that change.
Then she, as I knew her, passed
She became 
She became somebody I remembered
but somebody I could not understand any longer
This: somebody too different
from what became 
only what I thought, 
and not what I've known
since beginnings 
learned of their beginnings.
Until there was another,
I knew,
There would be nobody else.
So whether you are nobody
or the other,
know this love I love you with
is presently the love
that defies generations
or defines them.
This: my love,
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