Afternoon Delight



Secret meeting between a married woman and a farm boy.


Semi-clad she looked out of the open sash window 

Feeling the warm breeze as it gently caressed her bare skin

Close of summer, she shivered involuntarily at its light gentle blow

Her pulse racing, her mind joyful, in a light-headed muddled spin


She watched as her lover across the fields nimbly sprinted

His creased white shirt flapping in his hand as he raced carefree

Still engulfed in the strength of his sun-kissed arms tattoo tinted

Her eyes followed him racing through the orchards of apple tree


A secret meeting, afternoon delight, suffused by urgent forbidden lovemaking 

Her skin radiating a scalding flush, the allure of his tender touch

She had opened up to him, a petalled flower, he her shining farmboy king

Giving all, lost in him, drowning in abandon, passion pouring much


Scent of lavender and jasmine carried through the soft twilight air

With an intake of breath, her being bursting with blended emotion

Their loving a smoky fantasy, a few insouciant hours of not a reality care

And at her very core, aching, she held dear their unbridled devotion


Heartfelt promises made, a clandestine meeting soon to have again

But he committed to laboured farm days for at least a week

So stark the thought of not seeing him, within her heart wrenching pain

Reading or writing a way to occupy her time she'll irritably seek


Now the tiniest brown pin mark bobbing on the sky's bluest horizon

She lowered her head and sighed a breath full of longing, deeply 

The time apart she would while away long hour after hour to wisen

And until then in bed of wedlock regrettably lie with her husband steeply.









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