When a day passes off



This poem is about the way an amazing day passes off, that too when you have least expected it!

It was a day just like any other

Began with the soft fur of the pet and rows with brother

Thankfully it didn't culminate into stares of mother


The Sun tried to ascend into the sky

But the clouds didn't allow it to climb high

After a while the grey in the clouds lessened, as in bed I lie


The showers led to a nip in the air

The drops seeped through me & in my curly hair

Danced I, in the lush with my feet bare and fair


Just as I began my bliss in the breeze

Darkness fell over and my tango came to a cease

Later I found solace in warm bread and cheese


Kept me cozy my struggles to the blanket

Dim lights and the soulful strings, with this apparatus my night was set

And suddenly realized I, heaven was here I met!


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