"Overlooked Epidemic"



/ hunger

This is a poem I wrote and preformed about how people don't look at hunger as a serious issue even as they are clearly exposed to it everyday. Some choose to ignore it, some don't.

“Overlooked Epidemic”


Picture this:

Picture food on the table every night without second thoughts about portions

And see satisfied summer savory smiles all around town and let this magical moment marinate in this far from for real fantasy


Of the white fence, the American dream, the no longer destitute way of life

We've been through hell and back from bumpy rides to border patrolman's impeccable perceptiveness

all the way here we're gonna make it work    

and we're gonna make it last cause this is America


Snapshot the Skillman Wok menu, maybe it'll appear like it does in your dreams

Get angry

When you look at the aftermath of trading tradition for false hope of a meal for you and your family

Get livid when you see a Taco Cabana, Casa, Bueno and Bell all on the same damn street and you can't eat, cause


This is America


bathing in sanctimony, hiding the exclusion of Hispanics and the love that is replaced with

GMO's and AF's, screw you, don’t take this, we made that

Deport me if you want to, but it won’t bring original back

Take the culture and create crap you're running out of time to take the creators of the culture courtesy of Donald Trump

And his anti-immigration rhetoric


Different Time, Different Discussion about when his final comb over will happen is like judgement day for politicians


Constantly picking the roots of the fruits of our labor and handing them over, working nine to five central time,

no use for that potato peeler, give it to the government

to make it easier for them to shorten your check

Sorry, for the inconvenience, we're using the scissors to cut countless coupons, dumpster diving


These are hardworking Americans


Doing whatever it takes

In order to save at least pocket change to get Jujubes

and reminisce 14 slow pieces split between you and your siblings at a time about the days you spent when love

and hymns were enough for your children to forget, forget the


cold breeze in the cabinets when open, forget seeing

zero shadows reflecting the non existent food supply in the refrigerator, forget mother's frustration as she fills out unnecessary paperwork to give the school permission

to feed you then have them tell her it will take 6 business days before you can eat, when you see something like that “can we feed you kid?” becomes a rhetorical question


But in the meantime watch them, watch them                                     as they swallow then

Regurgitate their pride and bible verses no longer

Written in their kidney stones, savor this flavor of these sweet words “let thy will be done” but its gonna take more than thy because this happens every day, this isn't new, this is so many families, this is decades older than me, this is an overlooked epidemic,


This is America.

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