How I've Lived



Inspired by a wordpress daily prompt

I hear a sound

Behind the ticking clocks

And whirring fans

Far behind the noisy teenagers

Clicking away on their smartphones

I hear a sound


No, it was more of a sigh

It sounded of someone

With a burden so large

A cross too heavy

So alone

So sad


I can hear it

A whisper

So faint

Hiding behind computer screens

Dusty lamps

And dirty tables


I walk towards it

Drawn by empathy

No one should be that sad

No one should be that afraid

No one should be that alone

No one


Who’s there?

Where are you?

Talk to me

Let me help you

With your burdens

With your pain


I can be your friend

And you mine

We can lay on the grass

While watching the sun set

As we talk about wandering thoughts

And passers-by


The sound stops

A faint voice whispers… I am here

Not behind the shelf

But on them

I stared in amazement

As a book talked back


There was once a time

Where I was loved

Day in

Day out

I was held

I was touched


I waited in anticipation

To be read by beautiful eyes

Bulging brown

Intriguing Grey

Piercing blue

I’ve seen them all


I long for the days

When my pages were flipped

Corners dog-eared

White pages slowly turned brown

From careless stains

And dried up tears


I miss the days

Where I was not just a book

I was knowledge

I was an emotion

I was a friend

A companion even


I crave the days

I could boast

Of places I have been

Green fields

Warm duvet covers

Sometimes even high up in the sky



I just sit here

As life goes by

Gathering dust

Watching the people I once loved

Forget me


My pages still brown

But not from careless stains

Or dried up tears

But because my ink

Infuses into my pages

As I die a slow, lonely and painful death



Originally published on my blog here

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