Never To Old




As I slept one night

Covered from head to toe

Ever so nice and tight

My dreams did flit and flutter and roam

When suddenly came a most disturbing tone

Pity pat thumpity thump and a final kerplunk      

Needless to say all sleep flew away

And tossing my dreams and covers aside

I leapt to the floor and flew to the door

I stood oh so quiet

Listening, being very still

When again I heard a similar beat

Yet now a click click and a sort of bleat bleat

Oh my I exclaimed turning white as a sheet

It’s up on the roof

I know what that is I remember it well

From years gone by how many I’ll not tell

Yet there it was as plain as day

Those sounds as a child I remembered so well

In exactly that same way

Good Lord at my age it can’t be true

All Christmas is bought

Never given to you

So into the hall trying hard to be small

To the landing I crept, trying hard not to trip, trying hard not to fall

A measured step I took, then a second, third and fourth

When to my great fear and halting my course

There came a creek from my very own floor

Simply stating my dear

This way you may not creep nevermore

So bending at the knee and

Peering down from my steps

There did I see

A man in my house

Moving ever so hushed

As quiet as a mouse

But I’m far too old

This cannot be so

He does not exist

In my mind this I know

As I continued to watch

This startling sight

All fear and misgivings

Magically took flight

There replaced with an abiding peace

Flowing throughout this wonder filled night

His boots were pitch black

And precariously perched upon his small head

A shiny white and red hat

His trousers were crumpled

All covered with soot

As were his red coat

Black gloves

And red and white hood

He shimmered and glowed

With the brilliance of silver

The radiance of gold

Then swifter than light

Completing his work

This wondrous night

Up the stack with a smile

And a sly little wink

He said I’ll be back

Merry Christmas to all

And wiggling his nose he was gone in a blink

Good grief I thought

Somebody quick, give me a drink.


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