Okay Love...



Love is one of the most beautiful, transformative and challenging realities known to humankind. Love will also rob you blind of your heart, your will, your good senses. Love... it ain't for sissies. lmr

I am giving you
But one final
Reprieve. This is
Your last chance
Please believe
It's now or never,
Truth or consequences,
Time to remove
Your mask and reveal
Your authentic self.
I am putting
All my best stuff
Into you. I am putting
My heart
And soul
My dues
My goals
My Art and all
My vital parts into
Believing in
You.  I want
More than physical
Lust.  I want
To turn you into
Something gorgeous;
Something  lovely as
Dancing slow
Quiet fire
Waltzes inside
The darkness. I want
To fall
Victim to the glow
So you can watch
Me burn down
To the wick...
Blue flame
And all...
I am putting my
Whole fragile heart into you...
Investing in
The unknown
And hoping you'll
Rise to perform
Your emotional strip
Tease, removing layer
By layer
Every nuance,
Every taboo
And every mystery
I am giving you
Carte blanche
To explore
The very fingertips of
My soul, and
In return, I want
The freedom
To rock you,
Style you
Wear you boldly, like
Brand new red shoes or
A fly technicolor pimp coat
In the summertime
And embrace this ridiculous
Laughter of a fool.
I want to turn
You into
The coolest music
Ever composed:
Mold passionate lyrics
Around your melodic hips;
Finesse you with
Charlie Parker riffs,
And sizzling beats by Roach...
I want to scat you swiftly in:
Tones, mix in Coleman Hawkins
And sweeten you with
Miles' mute.
Okay Love,
I'm wise to you,
And your shape-
Shifting ways.
I've seen how you do.
And seen how you play
The cute unassuming ingénue
Then affect the cold
Steely bitch, ready
To wreck
A trusting heart
Into bits and pieces
Or hold for ransom
One's common senses...
And so, I am giving you
One last reprieve
To show your truest self
In all your quietly shy,
Seductively juicy, 
Bold beautiful-ness. I am giving you
One final chance to
Redeem yourself
In all your tragically
Resplendent glory...
Be you, truly
Hollywood homely
Be you
Ghetto  gorgeous
Or somewhere
In between.

I just
Need you to only keep it


copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross

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