Love's Suicide



There are times when we are so deeply in love, we are FLYING inside our skin. And then, there are times when the flight ends, and we come crashing back to earth. The descent can be crippling and... at times... even worse. lmr

We must learn to  move  through
the throb and course of  our pain.
In time   it becomes   less    like a
flame and more  like waves  that
crash, rain  &  wash over  us.  We
simply  must    refuse      to  let it
knock            us                  down.

And so,this is true with Love.We
must  learn to move  through its
coursing  wave   as it   takes our
breath    away...           its  sharp
effervescence  &   tiny    needles
washing over refreshing,
so    invigorating...  until we are

There are oceans  between your
thighs.       Paradise        &   dark
lagoons  beckoning   swimmers
& fools like me,   to  ride   inside
this sweet wet turbulence of you. 

You are the king, and the queen
of   your  own   selfish   sojourn.
Ruled  by   moons    on  tides  &
the  rotation  of  distant  planets;
our orbits   so seldom    collide...
& yet you burn, like the fiery tail
of a comet  speeding  through a
lewd and uncharted    Universe. 
Oh    Love!     There     must   be
legions of  victims    who swear
by you!   Oh Love!     You  leave
Black Holes  &        a  thousand
galaxies  of     wonder beneath
 your         elusive           sheets.

To    know  you  is     to witness
the effects  of  beauty   when it
merges with ravages of  cruelty.
And I  wear  your    skid  marks
emblazoned across   my  chest,
just above the beat of my heart,
like a tattoo.    It  is      a  trophy
in    honor    of      my   survival.
And yet I am   so afraid  to   stop
believing in     The     Power    of
   I believe     in  Heaven,  in
spirits,  in gods   &    goddesses
who creep &   speak in tongues;
who  correspond  in  Juju  lingo,
who,   in   the wake   of    carnal
visitations...       leave     behind
these savagely wounded lovers,


from towers they'd erected to You.

When  you & I   pay  attention,   we
can see   the sad,    dejected   ones,
collapsing...breaking  & cascading,
like treacherous  waves...upon the
rocks &   shores  of madness...   or
jumping  without a net from  those
high   &     towering   pedestals  of
their     own                i l l u s i o n s
like          so     m a n y          raging


copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross

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