The Christmas Tree



A poem about saving trees for our future generations.


She zigged and she zagged

She zipped and she skipped

Through the Christmas tree lot that day


But to her dismay

Not a tree would do

Not a tree would fit

In her cottagey home

In just the right way


So off she flew

From tree lot to tree lot

But as time grew long she knew

This hunt was all for naught

This within her heart she realized as true


Amazing she thought

Out of this entire city

Not one tree could be found

That met her idea of pretty

So treeless this year

It appeared she was bound

Of my how sad

Oh my what a pity



Homeward she drove

Staring at nothing

When of a sudden

Slamming on the brakes

Squealing with joy

There’s my tree

Oh Boy! Oh boy!


And there in the forest

Right next to her home

In a small little clearing

In a place all its own

Stood a tree ever so small


And so to its side in a flash, she'd flown

To the one not so big

To the one not so tall

But one to be decorated

Next to her little cottagey hall

And grow long in limb

Never to know a fall


And with that…


…A Merry Christmas to Y'all

From me and my littlest tree of all

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