Fuck depression and fuck it again



depression, makes you so angry you want to chew your fucking tongue off, blood spattering whilst gouging your eyes out. this is a description of an episode. the emotion is so powerful and so irrational, the below is what it feels like. Very erratic. dare if you would to imagine and feel the words.





you born................... 


Fuck religion she give me no salvation

Fuck the priest he has lost his conviction

Fuck you the reader you don't understand my affliction

Fuck this anxiety you piece of shit get out my body

Breath and total psychosis, fuck you world I'm not sorry

Fuck getting offended, fuck your stupid Facebook flurry

your poorly fucking facetuned pictures you just as fucktup

You just as fucking empty, no clue, just need that fucking like to get on and feel better about yourself

Get fucked, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Fuck institutions, fuck authority, fuck doctors, fuck you

I'm not worth anything, I need attention, No fuck them you don't need anything.

He was never there, she was never square, stop hiding this shit,

If I could tell you how fake the constructs are, how delusional you get

If I could tell you that you just a mere human, fuck goals, fuck money, fuck being part of the fake society

Fuck all you all, your worth determined like a statistic, you fall deeper and deeper into the masochistic

The truth doesn't matter for what is it measured or compared against, its fucking lies in anyway

Who do they think they are? something special? fuck them, 

Pills pills pills pills pills habit, part of your mind, its fucking sick

I'm done, I fucking hate it, fuck you don't judge me, fuck you don't talk to me, fuck you I'm OK

Be nice they say, be human, well fuck I've put more in than I've ever withdrawn, yet this is a weakness.

Fuck you and fuck you again you two faced motherfucker, you fake fucking moron, so fucked up

it boils inside of you, like a complete disabling of thought, rational,and acceptable behavior becomes anger, the anger of the beast inside. 

You don't fucking understand, you just don't! so don't even fucking comment, don't ask! you don't fucking care, just as long as you are reassured that you didn't cause it, you fragile fucking cunt.

Well fuck your behavior, well fuck your thoughts, who the fuck cares about you

Fuck them fuck them all, I hope they never come back

You fear the start of big change, rug from under your feet, lets talk about it Nick

Fuck you fuck your rug and fuck talking about it, you don't understand and never will

Disillusioned by too many structures, too many killers of time, too many distractions

you forget yourself, you meander through life like you have value, yes you have value, according to a spreadsheet, according to your achievement on their structure.


Well fuck your structure, fuck your value, fuck you and fuck you once more get fucked

The darkness proceeds to Covet thou, the dark dragon arises from within, you feel a different power flooding your mind, a free power, a knowing power, the power of senselessness, the ability to end it without blinking.

So fuck your light, fuck being naked, fuck you, fuck your goodness fuck all of it.


Then she walks in, and looks at you with love, a destructive and passionate love, the love that pulls you up on your feet, a love which makes life worth living for, on your terms not theirs, poker face the cunts and knife the fuck out of them, they just a fucking number.

Evil is what depression is, evil is what anxiety is, fear is what you chase, its what motivates you 

FUCK FEAR, destroy thou enemy, destroy thou thought, destroy this fucking feeling of impotency, destroy all of it until you have nothing left but your core. 


fuck you..........................................................

I know who i am, i'm perfect, i am everything I should be, I have love on my side.









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