Blissfully nothing



27/8/16 Short poems — each informing the next. About death and disappearing, escapism and wanting out

Searching the night sky,
with naked eyes,
grazing stars,
diving into the infinite depths 
between photons.
Trying desperately to find
a way through...
To what?


I wish I could surf on a rocket,
skim the surface of the sun
and dive into it,
like an Olympian...
A perfectly graceful oblivion.


Sitting under deep water.
Then deeply muffled sounds.
I am cold and pale,
but one with my surroundings.
Fade into the oblivion 
of deep darkness,
eyes and heart 
open to nothingness.


I stand naked,
on a plain,
where wind is King.
It is cold 
and light comes from everywhere 
and nowhere.
There is no sun.
A featureless plain,
barren and lifeless,
but for me.
The wind blows 
furiously and
It is relentless,
restless and hungry.
My arms outstretched,
the grit and sand borne on the air
scour me, chip me away
until I have no edges.
I am smooth and clean...
And now
...I am beautifully, blissfully, peacefully...

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