Too much for my eyes



23/12/2016 A poem about an experience I had in the mountains.

Standing above an abyss,

on the edge of a ravine,

unfamiliar heights and depths

playing havoc with my senses. 

Gravity calls to me

like one of its children.

It knows my name.

My head swims with her pull.

Mother nature wants me,

and I feel as a pawn

in the hand of a giant.

My vision is affected,

it blurs...






I shake my head,



try again.


...and the pieces of 

this vista

fall into place somewhere

in my brain...


And it's just a mountain side,

covered in trees,

innocent and peaceful

and distant

once again.


And my feet regain their surety.


...and I breathe...


Though I remain shaken

and disturbed by the experience

even now,

safe in my humble home.









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