Goodbye Typical Man



The latest poem dedicated to my gorgeous girlfriend and published on my website I'll publish the rest on here for all to enjoy.

Goodbye Typical Man

“I love you deeper than the ocean”, he said, all profound.
Another thought, in his head, like a bed, fool around.
“More like a paddling pool, you fool”, she replied, weary eyed.
I’m not some kind of object, you can take for a ride.

You buy me a gift or some flowers, then sit there for hours.
Biding your time, pantomime, I don’t need magic powers.
I know you’re a man, you have needs, and thats fine.
But I have needs too, yes I do, and I draw the line.

I’ve heard it before, what a bore, just after one thing.
You say all the things, buy a ring, just after a fling.
I know your game, yes you’re game, but all the same.
Another notch on the bed, not my aim, there’s no gain.

And now the classic, “I Love You!” thrown into the mix.
A cliche, so dull, I can see through your tricks.
I may love you, yes true, but I want something more.
Than small talk, bad breath and a deafening snore.

You can take your deep ocean, your flowers, ring too.
Swim with the plenty of fish, that’s out there for you.
Stop the pleading, heart bleeding, because we are through.
I have plans, I have dreams and they don’t involve you.

I don’t care, much about you, not sure if I ever did.
You’re stupid, immature and act like a kid.
Why am I still talking? you’ll be wondering why.
I just came here to tell you, “Typical Man, Goodbye!”


Johnny 2016

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