I wanted to write something that conveyed the physical side to our relationship without being too explicit or over the top. I hope it works.


Where do I end, and you begin?
Our bodies entwined, skin to skin
Our minds as one, body and soul
Joined together, to make the whole

Holding close, love bonds us tight
Bodies together, our passions alight
Animal instincts, take over our minds
But loves ever present, emotion that binds

Climbing together, a tempo increase
We both reach the summit, pure release
One perfect moment, captured in time
Our union complete, no blurred line

We lay holding hands, invisibly tied
Eyes locked together, smiles beaming wide
Your beautiful body, shines in the light
Skin glowing brightly, against the cold night

We are together, in love and in life
Living and breathing, husband and wife
Romantic moment, or sharing a chore
Toothbrush in cup, shoes by the door

Always connected, the feelings just right
Whatever the weather, stormy or bright
Together forever, just you and me
No matter what happens, we’ll always be……

….. Together


Johnny 2014

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