Be You



Everybody is trying to keep a balance

Keep your feet on the ground 

Head above water 

That's a talent 

Life is not an easy task 

If you think that it is 

Then you have never met challenge 

Thankful that I had you 

Pleased to meet you 

When karma comes around 

It will know I never cheat you 

This life is not a game

So I know I can't beat you 

I've seen many things 

Even things that were see through

But I've got a strong lens 

Don't have many now

But I used to have a lot of fake friends 

Till I seen you 

We could never be the same 

I've never been you 

I've made mistakes in my life 

I didn't mean too 

The past is the past 

But the future is nothing but a present preview

Day by day 

Look at what today ,each day and everyday 

Has got to teach you

Exclusive to this world 

No matter how hard they try 

Nobody else can be you


Poetry written by Tammy Jeffers Wells 




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