Are you still married to the web?



Sometimes we invest too much time online and sometimes forget what really matters the most to us — real people and real places!

Life is but fragile obsessions, silent melodies hearts always sing.

Online — diminutive beats of melancholy — sky-scraping poundings of ecstasy.

“A false dichotomy!” – Oh such symphonies.


Irreplaceable reverberations, inaudible: surrounded by on screen commotions.

Always emotional, pursuing Mind — a fanatical conductor, a majestic composer.

 Forever altering rhythms as it wildly scans, perpetually fixated within crescendos of others.


Life is but a fragile thing, disconnect the Web — let your spirit sing, abandoning the internet’s spellbinding wedding ring.

 Claiming sovereignty to enjoying Life in full swing — Be autonomous; be free!


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