Blessings of marriage



This poem is about a couple sharing their blessings at their wedding

Oh what a beautiful day

Tis this is the year where I give you my consent

In the marriage we shall be sharing


Walking down that aisle

With blessings so sweet

My grace that I shall be meeting at the end

Will delightfully be you


Carrying the roses so neat and beautiful

The extra smile I shall be wearing upon my arrival

The tears are spilling like tea coming out of a teapot

The families giving their love


Spinning in a circle to show of my dress

You catch me before I go down

The everlasting kiss that you give me on the peak of my check


Giving are vows

The blessings so sweet

With clapping heard so loud

Now it is time to perform another everlasting kiss


Sweeping me off my feet

Running out the church existing the doorways

The bells are ringing for are blessings are shared


Departing to are honeymoon

Time for ourselves

But time to reflect on are gorgeous wedding we had shared


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