It's eating a frozen pizza by yourself for Easter supper

while everyone leaves to spend the weekend with their loved ones.


It's contemplating what's worse:

the people 10 feet away not knowing how often you cry yourself to sleep,

or them knowing, not caring enough to do anything.


It's a balance between spending your money to get through tough times

or saving every dime to escape the tough times sooner.


It's having every cup, sharpie and shoe left outside your bedroom

because that's the only place in the house you're allowed to keep anything.


It's being asked to clean the bathroom on your day off,

while they spend theirs at dinner and a movie.


It's not seeing your mother for four months

because you can't make the three hour drive home.


It's getting drunk on a Tuesday night

because you're alone in the house again,

and white wine goes down way too easily.




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