Fuzzie Bars



The kids and I have flu, no better way to spend ill time than organizing documents, making sure Scriggler is up to date, deleting old files, ect

Well — the title for this might change, I just can't think of one... anyway the reason it is called this is because the first half was inspired by this song: 


The second half was inspired by this artist:




like Fuzzie bars, no liar,

No mind poisoner — aims to inspire,

like a needle in a hay stack, I’m willing to take back,

When grime wasn’t what u need to big yourself up on a track,

Man be talking about gats an straps,

Or chatting hoes n crack — well there stuck in a trap,

Poisoning their own souls — mind and body,

Hear these line so many times — must have been copied,

No — not going from hard to softie,

Still a big girl — Bars ain’t floppy,

I’m in the slightest — soppy,

If you think you got me, or that I’ll play into game – no that is not me,

See hustlers entertaining us,

Bout time some bite the dust,

Real in this life – we’re the strugglers,

Ones that fight to make it right for the rest and trust,

That when I write, it ignites, an inner light, my bars are tight,

Tonight I might – oh I think I might have forgot what I’m about to write,

(well never mind) – in time (I’ll remember) what to rhyme,

Cos I got a message for the world – I’m the messenger girl,

Some people go to war, don’t know what for,

Some sell death, such as the heroin (to score),

This isn’t right, It’s got to cease,

Instead of money for war, could be curing disease,

Don’t forget of all the hungry people to feed,

People go to war, don’t know what for,

Some sell death such as heroin to score,

This isn’t right it’s got to cease,

Instead of money for war, we could be curing disease,

Let’s not forget of all the hungry people to feed,

Statistically – everyday – one in 9 go hungry,

They really be working hard to put a next meal in their tummy,

Not meaning it funny, but how many times do I hear the words ‘’I’m hungry’’

In a song where people are talking of profit from selling rock.

Hungry to buy, like Nike, new clothes, shoes n socks,

So in their verses even worse, rapping about guns (f*** glocks)

No- they’re promoting the violence,

But we need peace and rather silence,

Ignorance is not bliss, not if you’re taking the p***

Taking for granted the quality of life we have,

And for some – a luxury’s water, and  so maybe we aught to,

Practice gratitude and positive attitude,

Access a higher self, like an inner mountain – increasing latitude,

And no more slinging,

No murders (bats swinging) – but only peace,

Like an inner dove flighting – so get your light igniting.    

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