An Absence in the Garden



Depression Stands


The garden stands as it promised

From passionate seeds, color in a colorless world

And I am color blind

Walk along the edge of order

And chaos

Feel as the fragrant jasmine insists

It exists

See the richness of flames of tithonia

And coneflower

They wait until I wake

Wait until I’m present

Out of this state

But the green seems pointless

And the shadows seem only dark

Waited for the threatening limbs of a dying tree

They’ve come down

They’ve given in to the heat, to the light

And I am standing in the stagnant air

Cicadas callously sigh

The heavy weight, I can barely breath

Worms are working tirelessly in the ground

The hole seems silent

But it always gapes

And I can feel every wound

The lack of feeling is the scar

Walk among the shriveled weeds

Hope I haven’t gone too far

As the structure grows above the gardener

And the gardener sleeps in a mushroom ground

The birds with songs they can’t remember

Fade with little sound

It’s summer, the grey earth, the parched seed

And I am just an absence in a garden

Another petulant weed. 


for images of the wildlife garden 2016



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