This poem, featured in my book Loud Whispers of Silent Souls, tells a vivid story of that moment a man has fully embraced the fact that he is deeply in love with a woman. My book is available on Amazon and other retailers Worldwide

She said, “write me a poem”

I said you are my poem,

     already written,

          fused with every thought that traverses my mind

She said, “read it to me”

I said I do that every time I touch you

I said this pen bled my thoughts and every word was your name

She smiled

I said I open my lips

I kiss your lips

I taste your soul

Now I crave you like never before

I traced the contour of her face with my fingers

She said, “why do you do that?”

I said I love painting your portrait inside my soul

I said a thousand places I have journeyed,

     but I’m home only when I’m with you

I said, when I look into your eyes I can’t remember my lines

I try and try to remember past times but… I can’t see past you

She said, “tell me more”

I said your eyes are the doorway to my peace

I said your mouth is an instrument serenading my soul;

     playing for me the sweetest melodies,

     enchanting me as your lips move with the spirit of the spoken word

I lose myself with every beautiful word that breaks your lips

I said when you caress my face you take all my strength,

     but I’m OK with that

I said I’m staying

She said “where?”

I said with you, I’m staying

She said “why?”

I said because outside of you lie only death and I so badly want to live

She breathed in deeply

She said “when did you write this poem?”

I said the day you were born

Her eyes grew soft and her smile faded into the penumbra

She looked deep into my eyes and said “I do not understand”

I said, when your soul was created

     a void inside me was instantly filled

I said till now I have waited all of my life seeking you,

     waiting to see you,

          wanting to touch you,

               needing to hold you

                    and now here you are in my arms, my beautiful poem

Her eyes flooded, then I kissed them

Her smile resurfaced and I smiled back

She said, “I really love this poem”

I said, I’ve always loved you

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