A Passing Thank You



Written before the passing of my much loved, and now much missed, Golden Retriever, Roman.

A Passing Thank You. 

So at my feet you lie, content 
A watchful eye ever your intent 
Your aging bones ache and deride 
Yet still you’re faithful at my side 
Together we have shared the day 
Now we each dream the hours away 

What does your dreaming mind recall? 
When we were young, and had it all? 
Do you, in dreaming, chase and run? 
Or do you mourn the fading sun? 

I wish for all your dreams to shine 
As you have brightened all of mine 
I know the evening must soon end 
I must part from my dearest friend 
I can’t always hold night at bay 
Though I would love to have you stay 

That’s just my longing, selfish need 
My human fault, my loving greed 
However many minutes we steal 
They would still be too few, I feel 
There’s one more thing I have to do; 
To hold you close, whisper ‘thank you’ 

For now, we are content, replete; 
Whilst you lie peaceful at my feet. 

S. P Oldham. 

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