Dee and The Thunder Bay Deli!



Not too far from Saturn, Tethys and me!

 I've eaten L.A., New York and Texas.

Had lunch on Saturn and went for dinner at Tethys.

I've chewed through blue moons and bottom fed in the abyss,

but, in this verse and universe there's no sweller deli, I've seen, as this.


 A word to the wise, some others take many,

this weird catfish sighs, "Here's a thought for your penny."

"If you can't decide, roll the eyes and pick any,

and don't be surprised if your bowl or bun has yum aplenty".


 I still remember when real food was free

and the thrill of good eating that yielded great glee.

I've prowled your planet since one thousand B.C.

and found none that have it like the Vinces, Ashley and Dee.






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