The Wall(Around My Heart)



Thought of the sounds and stylings of the late great Patsy Cline when I wrote this. 'Crazy'

The Wall(around My Heart)

I'll build a wall.....
A wall around my heart
Like the great wall of china
And I'll use the strongest
Yes the strongest stone that I can find
like the ole rock of Gebraulter
To me there is beauty
A beauty of a protective wall
Such as this
You can build it tall
As tall as you want it
Tall as the mountain tops
way over in the distant horizons
With my rock of gebraulter
Great wall around my heart
There will be no more hurt or damage
To be laid upon this tender heart
Now there will be
no gapping holes
the size of the grand canyon
No tiny pieces falling down anywhere
no where to be found at all
Stand back baby because it is
Thanks to the wall
The wall around my heart

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