The Song in the Wind



isolation/ uninhabited island

I stand where rock and water meet

Unified in squalid greyness

And stare blankly across the Atlantic

The vast, undulating ocean

Merged with the Hebridean sky

Black and bruised thunderclouds ramble

A strong wind pressing against me

Whistling a song that feels apt for the occasion

A song of boundless sadness

An ode to a desolate soul

Why have I come here?

What madness coerced me?

An island devoid of  human life

Uninhabited for many winters

A community long since departed

History buried beneath the earth

Etched into the rocks

Only ghosts remain

Swells of the past floating by

Faint vestiges of yesteryear

Unnoticeable to the human eye

The ruins of old cottages sit aloft

Roofs caved in, doors gone, walls crumbling

All that is left of the island's memoirs

There is strangeness here

Something ... peculiar

A solitary gull flies overhead

Calling out, evocative and  elegiac

A pacifying duet with the sighing wind

The salty air colder than a dead thing

I turn, face the island, climb the steep incline

Dried reeds rustling, the whisper of winter

Talking to me

Declaring that the island is a dwelling of desolation

A place for an estranged soul

A heart that craves alienation

This most haunting landscape

Strangely alluring


The wind continues to sing

The old settlement appears

Centrally placed

Decked in ruination

The last segments of what was

I stop

The wind's song is full of ambiance


Seeping into my soul

I close my eyes and embrace the sounds

The sound of children playing

The sound of sheep bleating

The sound of human laughter

The sound of a community at one with nature

I'm certain I can hear the past

Calling out to me

Connecting me to the reels of history

Ghosts of antiquity

The wind persists

My eyes snap open

I see emptiness and slumber

I am alone

Turning in a full circle allows me to see

A shunned island

Bleak and beautiful

Mystical and forsaken

The barrenness is quite something

A thin smile grows

I have decided

I shall be happy here

The wind continues to sing



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