Written for those who struggle with invisible "issues"... labels...finding your identity and breaking free of insecurity.





I speak Alien

This malignant condition presents with symptoms

Consistent with invisibility

By nature this exceptional and curious characteristic

Can be fitful, limiting and infinite in possibility

As unseen I can clearly be misrepresented

Lack a certain normative quality to integrate

Yet, this superhuman power imagines

A privilege to be true to myself in crowded contexts

I often wonder if it does surrender me

Defined, just out of reach of my particular potential

Or, have I calculatedly disqualified myself

Within these estrangements from the natural order

As I, in my remarkably heightened sense

Can only seem to negotiate stipulated rights

If only I could break out of my dismissive insecurity

A box of habits I’ve acquired in attitude and oddity

I might then uncover a visible identity

Within this universe of isolation

An ecstasy and motive that await my longing

To notably engage, use my treasury of goods

In union with an allied community

Only if I can steady this future fear

And still nourish my cloak to shepherd my unease

Could I commit to dare the ascent

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