celebration of Samhain

We dance under a dying sun on the eve of Samhain

Dwarfed by the shadows of the standing stones

Ageless structures of mystery, dissecting our actions

As we wait for the thinning of the  Great Veil

The divide between spirit and flesh


Pagan beliefs, homage to our ancestors

Calling for Mother Nature to implant her untainted seed

Offering blessings to a troubled world

Willing the Lady of the Moon to descend


Arms held aloft, parading our bodies for cleansing

Anointing our souls into this most sacred ground

Where ancient times remain, whispering in our ears

Exonerating death from our lives


There is power behind our eyes

Hidden from the physical realm

Invisible energy, unique and imperishable

Embedded in our psyches


We welcome in Samhain

The crimson sky an aesthetic joy

As the melodious breeze flows

Ruffling our consecrated white robes


Our blessed sanctuary

Place of spiritual immortality

Patterned in ley lines

The gateway to other worlds


The moon ushers in Samhain

Silver upon the land

The stones purring with energy

The Great Veil has opened

We depart into the mist

Our true selves revealed


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