Life lessons...




Consistently and without prompting

I contend with the same


Why you? Why God? Why me?

Why not?

Time measures each of us a Judas kiss

A profound dissection

Of inborn sureness

When that secure stake is violently clawed

The fever sets in

Is this misery a prerequisite?

Must there be a cleft to pioneer each man and women to their apex

What is the answer to this malignant splinter?

Trimmed with a side of utility

There must be a culling

Insist, do not lie down and be a token

Name that to serve us, a total restoration

Bring forth a famous reception

To trace this earned coming

For an aberrant twisted mind lies in wait

The poser will always play back

Even now I must habituate

To own my bias alee

Where I’ve espied a sweetening does sleep


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