an old man and the end of his life.

There he goes, its Mr Wicks

He once walked tall but is now on sticks

He has a balding head

where once dark hair grew

He had Mrs wicks love

to make him feel brand new

He has three wonderful children

Tom, Johnny and Sue

then Tom went to war

they buried him where only white crosses grew

Mrs Wicks got very ill

and he stayed by her side

Johnny and Sue came home early

and bid her goodbye

He goes to see her daily 

up on Hunters Hill

lays a boqueet of roses

and cries pressed till the evening brings a chill

Mr Wicks walks to the shop to fetch his daily mail

he speaks to all the neighbors and tells long funny tales

the one day he closed all the the doors

Lonely old man with laughing eyes

abandons all his chores

no one noticed the slowing steps

or the shuffling of his feet

they didn't know the sickening heart

that occasionally missed a beat

kissed her photo with a smile

he closes he eyes and dreams of her

she touches his eyes and his head

He drifts so slowly toward his love

and then he was dead.





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