This poem is about having a mental illness, I haven't covered everything but I used some parts.

Do you ever think I will get away from this?

I don't think I will,

I feel like I am only becoming worse and worse,

Than I have been before.


I can't like myself,

If I am always going to be like this,

And nobody understands what it is like to be fighting my illness.


I feel crazy,

Almost INSANE.


I never wanted to feel this way,

But I can't escape from this torture,

I feel like I should be locked away,

Put somewhere safe,

And never see those who hurt me.


But would that really work?

Because those people crawl into my mind once every second,

Which destroys me each and every hour,

Expecting me to be better,

But there is no way I can be.


The illness just takes over you,

Consumes your mind,

Leaving you feeling like your nothing.



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