The Visit Of The Unspeakable Abomination



I, in the middle of the night, was visited by something so horrible, so horrendous, so grotesque, a force so nefarious, that I could barely put into words what the experience was.

The night was as it usually is. Dark, with a dim light from my lamp, a cool breeze and a faint whisper of jazz nibbling at my ear. As inspiration struck me, I wrote down what I had imagined.


I dropped my rhyme book on the floor. I reached out of my bed to pick it up and I ended up knocking over a few empty water bottles. My mother had always complained of the litter of bottles in my room. At least I was drinking bottles of water instead of something else, right? Anyways, I picked up my notebook and began to write a story.

When I finished writing, I picked up my Bible and began to pray as usual. Everything was going as it usually does, and to finish my nightly routine, I reached for a new bottle of refreshing water. Right as I went to put my lips to the bottle to drink, I thought I had heard a noise. I figured I was hearing things. I drank the water and without a care in the world, I tossed the empty bottle across my room and laid down in my bed.

I laid back into my pillow and like a speeding lightning bolt directly from the hands of a furious Zeus, the water bottle had been viciously hurled at me and struck me in my face so hard I thought it had put a dent in my eye balls.

Suddenly I heard a vicious tongue ripping screech from behind me and felt a fiery blaze under my feet. The walls had become dark red, moist and resembled the flesh of some sort of whale. I looked up to the ceiling and to my surprise...IT WAS GONE. The damn ceiling had disappeared and I was purely shocked that I was looking at some sort of reddish sky filled with maroon dust clouds with light blue starry skies behind it. It was disorienting to see such mysterious beauty all the while being filled with fear for the unknown.

And before I could even stop for a second to process what in the hell was happening, a dark figure that was so horrendous that it could not be described with words, only screams and cries, began to phase through my wall.

Covered in sweat, intimidation and the stench of agony, this being gave me a death stare. I dropped to my knees and began to violently beg God to save me from this nightmare, pounding against the ground with every word in the prayer, as frightened as a little child, all alone with the devil in his room.

I looked up to see if the unspeakable abomination had maybe left? Maybe it was a hallucination! Oh God please let it be a hallucination!!  He was there. It was there.

He, she, or whatever the hell this demon was, had grown in size tremendously since I had last looked at it. Almost as if it was fueled by my own fear. It was death staring me down even harder, with an enraged expression on what I assumed to be a face. My eyes were forcibly shut, whether by my own doing or by something else I know not, all I know is that from that point on, I could see nothing.

I started bellowing out Bible verses, I started pleading with the beast to let me be, to leave me alone, screaming at the top of my voice until I felt the breath be snatched out of my lungs. I could no longer speak, I could no longer see, and just then in that moment, I realized I had went deaf in both ears.

The only sense that seemed to remain was feeling, and I felt afraid to say the least. I felt the fire underneath me, I felt the cold winds from the red sky, I felt the humidity in the room, I felt the overwhelming anxiety and pure suffering that I knew I was about to endure. I felt it all.

And then I had felt the creature's foot steps. How heavy it must have been, finally moving. My entire body started to shake as the beast moved toward me. And then, it just stopped. I felt like it was toying with me. In that moment, I wished that it would have just killed me. How sadistic to play with the mind of your prey before you slaughter it? It stopped and I could see not, and I heard nothing.

With no warning at all I felt the creature's strong solid tentacle clench against my neck and choke the life out of me. It was wet, moist, slimy, but also as hard as rock. The beast lifted me in the air by my neck. I felt the fires raise underneath me.  The floor was completely engulfed in flames and so was the beast, but it was unscathed. I also felt the fires pour over my skin but I could barely distinguish the feeling from a slight tingling sensation. I had become numb to the world.

It lifted me up higher and continued to strangle me with the force and strength of 30 men and horses, and with the drive and endurance and power of a train. I had long past the point of not breathing, now the beast is simply draining my soul through my nostrils and mouth. As if it was some sort of grim reaper. I had began to lose consciousness, maybe I was fading into the next world. I had become content with it. I am dead. Murdered by an unspeakable abomination.

In my last moments, I thought for a final time, " God please save me ". And with that prayer, the fires swirled into the ground like a tornado and my sight had returned and I saw the beast's body began to fade into nothingness and be vacuumed into the tornado that swept all of the fires away, and I saw the dark red whale flesh be sucked in as well, and the the red skies and the blue starry sky that laid beneath it. The roof had fell back into place and my hearing returned in time to hear the enormous thud of it.  I was in a pool of sweat and what I can assume to be blood. I was on all fours, confused, lost, but not afraid.

I looked at the ground where the tornado had swept everything away, there were letters burned into the floor.

My heart stopped, my stomach dropped, and I had absolutely no idea how to tell anyone what had happened. I dont know why it happened, how long it lasted, or when. I dont even know if its over or if it will happen again. I only knew what I had experienced.

I was visited by the unspeakable abomination, the beast we call depression.


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