Disruptive Tech



Embracing your replacement

Invited to a group roundtable

For our entry level crew,

Aimed at tools that will enable,

Automation of what we do,


“Embracing change” was the theme,

“Let’s just ponder for a sec

We realize what others only dream,

If we embrace disruptive tech”


“This is the future, how we win”

Shared the confident CTO,

“We must accept” he said with a grin,

“Growth means change, you know”


But how does this tech help my role?

In fact, won’t it make it go away?

And if better service is the goal,

Shouldn’t our clients have a say?


“Listen, we are not mind readers,

And we can’t gain back time we’ve lost,

You’ll embrace this if you’re a leader,

And stop asking ‘How’?, and ‘What cost’?”


“It is imperative that we act”

But I am thoroughly confused,

To lead here we must ignore fact,

If you challenge, you’ll be excused,


“We thought you were an agent of change,

Opportunities are abundant,

It’s a shame you lack the mental range,

To embrace that you’re made redundant.”

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