No Picture in my Library for a Feeling That’s Got Me Reeling



From; "Five Score More Tails From Off Shore With Blundering Fish Antics Galore" (Unpublished)

This fish is fin-fisting, so miffed my tail’s bristling!  I’m having a “seeing red” fit!

Got these teeth just a-gristing, my sail fin a-whistling, and I’m slathering seething squid spit!

The perpetual ignorance and resistant indignance in belligerent humans being “it”,

Is the intellectual equivalence of intelligence ambivalence, present in this cruel bullying bit!


From school playgrounds to downtowns and corporations the world ‘round. Even in justice, it’s found.

Some fools make sounds like their soul’s upside-down, then allegation and degradation of others abound.

Faith-based brutalities beget bald-faced dualities, breeding haters to scrounge all around.

Nations are agents when patriots lose patience.  Bloodied in bullied waters, we drowned.


Your “might makes right”, your “imminent domain”, price fixing bait and switch, should all be arcane!

Your type takes delight in dominance campaigns thrice mixed with hate, which shoved love down the drain.

You’ll break happy from families with bullying words and contort to purport how some other’s inane.

You’ll take candy from babies and pull wings off of birds!  Your sort hurts for sort and your heart courts insane!


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