The Wall



Because when nursery rhymes become real life, they are not pleasant...



I fell off the wall.

I didn't jump,

I wasn't pushed.

I fell off the wall.


Heavy from carrying anger.

Heavy from handling grief.

Tired from tangling so many tears.

Tired from holding on.


I lay there, damaged and bruised,

I shout for help from the King and his men.

They were there as I sat up on that wall,

Never seeing I was so close to the edge.


They can see no long lasting damage,

And in childish whispers agree,

That they can't fix something that broke itself,

So for ignorant bliss, they leave.


I lay there, hopeless and tearful, 

When a warm hand strokes my face.

A noble Knight, who heard my cries, alone,

Was here now, calmly drying my tears.


"Cry no more, my love, I'll hold you up as

You walk away from your fall.

Because I see you for all that you are;

You were never broken at all"


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