The Girl of my heart



                                                                    The Girl of My Heart


In light of the moon a new sparkle illuminates the melancholy that invades my heart,

a soft glow in the middle of the darkness makes me wake of the fire spiritual, who had

suffering my life to move to a new port, to one where I feel free as the wind, without

prejudice and guilt to start over, I say me, a person who does not stop to cross borders and

seas just to listen his voice again, provided that perceive its aroma between sweet spring in

that flowers play and surrender to its beauty, the same as witnessed as the doors of my heart

opened and as she throw in my arms shaping their love in my consciousness, hoping that a

kiss or a simple curtain of silence that comes together between our eyes and replace the words

that it took, to take flight to a place where we are not againescape happiness, you might wonder

who she is and why it is so important in my life, all I can say is that is someone who gives sense

of it all and bringing me into heaven without flying, so one day I decided to search and touch the

doors of his heart, to conclude the story imagine that never get caught, captive of illusion depending

only her delicate way of distilling love, the innocent passion that caused me your presence, but

instead it opened me the doors and I received with open arms happiness, I stopped succumbing my

steps, a enormous news that filled me with sadness, the woman I loved, was very sick and had

few months of life, that was where I realized that  must show that I deserved to be worthy to

stand in their memories, if important in your life, so take her for a walk around the garden more

colorful as in the old times, every rose petal which we extracted drew him part of the sky, to find

the stars that lit his smile, a unexpected cure for his ailing heart, so we were days and nights without

us that seemed bird without a nest, weaving a rainbow layer, amid a dream which no one wanted to

wake up, when magic seemed to end, I plunged deep into the sea, taken his hand from it,  so that not

perish their desire to meet the beauty of its waters, the bright color that wrap hopes to live a little

longer, walking around the tide, where under the effect depth look provided the sun and moon, save

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